Client Invoices and Support Worker Payroll Exports

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This report allows you to export payroll and invoice data in a format that is suitable to you or in a report format. To run the export/report complete the following criteria and specify each column:

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  • Start Date - Start date of the period based on the start date of a job card.
  • End Date - End date of the period based on the start date of a job card.
  • Export Data Based On Which Job Cards? - Select the required job status to report on.
  • Select Project(s) - Select the required projects to include.
  • Type of Export - One must be selected.
    • Client Invoices - This uses the charge rates applied to the jobs.
    • Support Advisor Payroll - This uses the rate paid details of a job.
  • Support Team - Choose whether to include all teams or a specific team.
  • Split Different Rates to Different Lines? - Yes will display each job as a separate line using exact data. Combining the rates (no) will use averages based Amount divided by hours.
  • Order By - Select the required output order.

  • Select data to be shown on each column - You can specify to output up to thirty columns in one export/report.
    • Client: Client name, ID, Account No.
    • Cost Centres: Cost Centre Name, Nominal Code, Dept Number
    • Non-Standard Charging: Various columns about Cancelled, Client Not Present and Late Cancellation charges.
    • Non-Working Pay: Admin Fees, Holiday Pay and Training Pay columns
    • Special Fields: This is so you can enter a blank field for manipulation purposes once you get to excel.
    • Totals: A selection of totals columns
    • Travel: Various Client and Support Advisor mileage and time columns
    • Worker: Worker name, ID, Payroll No.
    • Work Hours: Various Work hours columns including rate, hours planned, actual hours logged
  • Use Previously Saved Criteria: - This allows you to select a previously saved set of fields. Use the 'Save' button to save a new template and delete to remove the currently selected template.

Click 'Display in Browser' to view the results or 'Export to Spreadsheet'.

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