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The Help Centre contains various tabs with diagnostic and support information/tools.

Service Health - About

This section contains information about your systems.

This tab shows details about your system, and details about your own computer and browser, as well as some useful links (to, for example).

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  • Uploaded Documents Disk Space Used - Displays the estimated space used by the systems uploaded documents.
  • Software Version - Displays a description of your system.
  • Data Version - The current data version of your system.
  • Software Version - The release version of your system.
  • Browser Info - A link to check your browser and a technical tag of your browser.
  • Internet Speed Checker - Internet Speed test link.
  • Script Status - The status of your browsers Java Script setting.
  • Time/Clock Check - The status of your computers clock.
  • Last logout cookie - Used for diagnostics.
  • Last unset-session cookie - Used for diagnostics.


This section gives you a button to open the WIKI manual.

Live Chat

This is a deprecated feature and is due to be replaced with a new ticket system in early to mid 2019.

Remote Desktop

This section is used under the guidance of our Technical Support Team.

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Generate Diagnostics Report