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PrintRecord 4.png

Location in standard build: Top of Client Details screen

The Print Record feature allows you to print details of any organisation/person on your system, and (optionally) details of work done with them.

Using Print Record

Access the feature by clicking the "Print Record" button.

PrintRecord 2.png

This will take you to the screen shown:

PrintRecord 1.png

The options you can choose are as follows:

  • Style of Report: Summary prints some basic details about the client and their contact details; Detailed also prints personal details, Club and Clinic memberships, etc.
  • Show Referral History: choose whether you want to print out details of the activity on the client's History tab, and select relevant Projects (or all Projects) as appropriate.
  • Include Extension Database Records: choose which Extension Databases to display on the printout, if any.

Here is an example printout.

PrintRecord 3.png

Examples of use

Uses for the Print Record feature include:

  • printing a paper copy to take to an appointment with that client
  • providing case histories to funders
  • using individual client histories for audits