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Rename to Relationship Process - Managing Relationships

The systems Relationships screen displays (and allows you to create) relationship links between organisations and people on your system. To access it, click the + button.

File:All relationships.png

This will take you to the Relationships screen, where you can search for the person or organisation you want to create the relationship with.

File:Create new relationship1.png

Enter the name of the record you are searching for and select from the drop-down options

File:Create new relationships2.png

Click on create new relationship

File:Create new relationship3.png

Choose the Main and converse relationship types and the carer types if required. The Major relationship box will be ticked if the type has been set-up as a major one. Once you are done click "Save Details". Repeat this process for each relationship.

Relationships Screen

Click on All Relationships to view all

Automatically created relationships

Some relationships are created automatically. For example -

  • When you enter a GP for a client, in the "GP" field, the GP will automatically be added to the list of relationships for that client.
  • If you assign a volunteer or a support worker to a client as part of recording a contact, this relationship will also be shown automatically.
  • NoK and Contacts will also be shown on this screen.
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