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A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support. - [Carers Trust]


Your system will be configured to one of the following:

  • Client and Carer - This configuration is if you primarily work with service users that may have carers caring for them, or no need to look at this relationship.
  • Client and Cared Fors - This configuration is for Carer type organisation that supports people caring for others.

Under the Contact Management tab you may find either Carers or Cared Fors (Dependents). On this record you can also include options like:

  • Projects to record work done with the Carer/Cared For.
  • Contact history linked to the person using the additional org/person on Project Set Up (needs to being turned on in Operational Rules.
  • Used to record outcomes.
  • Extension databases to record extra details about the service user.
  • Carer/Cared For and personal relationships.

You can also customise this record type to add/remove fields or tabs, including blue links. For full details of record capability and features please see Organisations and People and Customise Orgs & People for customisation. You would need to consider the reporting outputs required and configure the record accordingly.

Hard Coded Features

  • Carer/Cared for relationships - On a carer system the Client links to Dependents and on the standard system the client links to carers. This is displayed on the Assignment tab.
  • Carer? - The optional Carer (is this person a carer) field will make the record as a Carer record as well as the record type that is being create.

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