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What is a web referral form?

A ‘contact us’ or 'referral form' type page on your website. This enables people to refer themselves to you directly via your website using the Dizions secure data transfer process providing complete security for your clients and you. The page has a clean look, with no branding.

Example form

What can go on my form?

1. One organisation or people type (or more, if they are related to/referring the client). You may just have a client, but you may also want space to add details of a family member, referrer etc.

2. Any field from the data entry tabs on the organisation/person records, e.g. name, address, telephone number.

3. Extension database fields linked to the organisation/person. This is the area of Charitylog where you can add your own custom fields.

Note: It's not possible to add consent rules to webforms, just the "consent given" field in the general details tab. However this is a development we're committed to adding in the future.

How do I manage referrals within Charitylog?

See the Importing web referrals page for full information.


The cost for a Standard Web Referral Form with up to 40 fields is £370+VAT (including first year maintenance). If the number of fields on a basic page exceeds 40 there will be an additional £100+VAT set-up charge. If you require a more complex page the cost is likely to be higher – please email or call us on 03332225957 to discuss.

There is an annual hosting and maintenance fee of £120+VAT per year, payable in advance. The first year is included with the initial fee.

How to place an order

Available Fields

To get a list of the exact fields that are available for your web referral form, go to the Data Migration Centre under the Cog.

Select the Utilities section and click the Webforms Fields "Download" button.

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Use these fields to complete the order form below.

Filling out the Order form

The order form is separated by five columns:

Field Name This is the name of the field within Charitylog. Please note the field must exist in Charitylog in order to be added to the order form.

Display Name On Web Form This is the field label on the Web Form. For example, the field may be labelled "Accommodation Type" within Charitylog, however you may wish for this to be displayed as "What is your current living situation?" on the Web Form.

Record Type Specify which organisation or person type you wish the fields to belong to. For example, if the form is used to capture referrer information you will need to type "Referrer" in this column.

Compulsory Field If it's mandatory for the field to be filled in, put "yes" in this column.

Dependant Field If you want the fields appearance to be dependant on an answer to another field, please input the name of the dependant field and the option that needs to be selected in order for it to appear.

Web examp.jpg

Order Form

See link to order form below. Once complete, send the form to;

Order Form

Once we have reviewed your order we will send an order acknowledgement and an expected build date. Your order will then be completed and set to post to your Test system. You will be able to test the web form and let us know of any changes or additions you'd like to make. Once you're happy, let us know and we will post the form to your live Charitylog system and provide the iframe link.

How do I add the form to my website?

The whole form can be inserted using a single line of HTML, so is usually suitable for organisations who manage their own website without a dedicated web developer. The form is placed in an I-Frame, which is like a webpage within a webpage.

Web Referral Form Terms and Conditions

Our standard trading Terms and Conditions are still applicable.

This order does not guarantee acceptance for the work to be completed. All successful orders will be confirmed and acknowledged by email.

The signatory must have appropriate authorisation to place this order or they agree to pay the fee.

The cost of £370 (ex VAT) includes a standard webform that includes up to 40 fields. The requested fields must be on the Available Fields list from the data migration centre of your system. If extra fields are required in addition to the included 40 from the Available Field list, this will incur an additional fee of £100 (ex VAT), up to a maximum of 80 fields per form.

If you cancel the order before completion then the full fee will still be payable. Any amendments to this order or web form will be chargeable. All changes will be considered and a quote for the amendments will be given prior to any changes.

Once the web form has been completed you will have 7 days to make any minor changes. Minor changes are renaming the display label or display order. After the 7-day grace period has expired, any changes will be chargeable. You will be informed that the order has been completed via email. If you do not contact us within 7 days for any minor changes then the order will be completed and invoiced.

The completed Web Form will be hosted by Dizions and an annual hosting fee of £120 (ex VAT) will be applicable. The initial setup fee includes the first year of hosting. The hosting of the form is for a fixed period of 12 months and is payable in advance. Non-payment of the hosting fee will result in the termination of the service. If you wish to terminate the service, 28 days’ notice is required up to the termination date. If the service is terminated, any pre-paid hosting fee will not be refunded. The Web Form will be removed on the termination date.

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