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To help organisation comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 (alongside GDPR) we have introduced consent for recording external referrals. By default the system is setup that consent is required to record that an external referral has taken place and users will be displayed 'Consent issues are preventing you from referring the following Organisations', when attempting to record an external referral. This guide will show you how to set this feature up to use it effectively or if not required how to disable the feature. Please note this feature does not control signposting.

There are three simple steps that need to be undertaken to effectively use this new feature:

  • Creating the Consent Rules - This is generally setup by your system administrator.
  • Allocating Consent Rules - Each organisation record is configured to say which rule must be completed in order to refer to this organisation.
  • Recording that consent has been obtained - Record that the service user has consented to have their details passed on to another organisation.

Creating the Consent Rules

The consent rule is setup here. You need to consider the type of rule that you may require.

 Consent to pass details to the Hospital/Doctor - This would be added to all NHS based organisations and GP Surgeries.
 Consent to pass details to Social Services - This would be added to all social services teams on the system.
 Consent to pass details to other support services - This would be added to the organisations that provide support service that you don't provide.

If you are using a consent form this could be scanned and up loaded to the service users record.

The consent rules can be attached to either:

  • The Service Users Record - When recorded all future External Referrals can be recorded up to the Expiry date.
  • On The referral - This records consent for that particular referral. The Referral and Consent must be saved before the external referral is added.

Allocating Consent Rules

For each organisation you can specify which consent rule is required in order to refer to them. Any organisation that does not have a consent rule attached will not be able to be referred to.

Find the organisation record that you wish to update or create a new one. On the base of the record click on the 'External Referrals Settings' button.

Ex ref.PNG

You can then specify which consent rule is required and if this organisation is used on a Portal (Optional add-on).

Ex ref1.PNG

When finished click the 'Save Details' button.

Recording Consent Given

Recording that consent has been obtained can be done in two ways.

Recording Consent on the Record

On the service users record navigate to the GDPR section. On the consent that is required complete the following:

  • If the consent has been obtained
  • The date obtained
  • The staff member obtaining the consent

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Once this has be saved then you will be able to refer externally to all organisations that are configured to use this consent rule.

Recording Consent on a referral

Before consent can be used it must be configured on each project that requires consent, see Project Setup for full details.

Using record a contact you will find the options box on the right hand side.

RAC Consent.PNG

Click on the 'Consent Information' link and complete the consent rule.

SU Consent.PNG

You will then need to save the referral which in turn will save the consent has then obtained. You will then be able to update the referral and record the external referral.

Disable Consent for External Referrals

To disable this feature and allow users to record External Referrals without consent please see GDPR Settings. Simply set 'Require Consent for External Referrals?' to no and save details.

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