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Welcome to the system manual

This manual is a full guide to get the best out of your CRM and its Modules:

  • How-to-guides
  • Webinars
  • A dedicated page for every page in the CRM - click the question mark in the top right.

You can also contact our customer support team at Customers on our One and Plus plans can also call 0333 222 5957. Please provide the support team with your account number (click the question mark in the top right).

Logging In

Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are supported. Internet Explorer is no longer supported. It is important that your browser is kept up to date as we only support the two latest versions.

Please DO NOT log into two systems (e.g. your live and training systems) on the same browser. If you work on different systems, please use two separate browsers.

Screen Layout

The main menu contains all your day-to-day tasks, like the Action List, Calendar and lists of organisations and people:

"Main Menu tabs"

The user menu has links to your user settings, home page, dashboard and this manual:

Clog user menu.png

The search bar lets you search the whole system, including people:

Clog search.png

The settings cog is for administrators to configure the system: users, projects/services, settings etc:

Clog settings menu.png

Browser Add-ons

An add-on is a small program that has been downloaded and installed on to the browser. Some browsers may read and capture the data from the websites that you visit, this would include any online CRM system. These add-ons may seem to be innocent but even spelling and grammar checkers may upload your data and store it on their own systems. It is important that you trust your add-ons and have viewed the privacy policy of these third parties.

System Updates

Your system receives a major update three times a year. Your test system is updated before your live so you can preview new features.