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The records in the system are devided into types, which can be People types like clients, staff, volunteers, etc, or Organisation types like funders, schools, GP surgeries etc. The clients endpoint can be used to access any People type, e.g. if volunteers are type 7, a list of volunteers can be retrieved using:

[GET] https://api.dizions.co.uk/v2/clients/type/7

The type can be specified when creating records, e.g. if staff are type 8, a new staff record can be created like this:

[POST] https://api.dizions.co.uk/v2/clients
first_name: John
surname: Smith
type: 8

If the type is omitted, the record will be automatically be created with type 1.

These types of people are defined in the dictionary:

[GET] https://api.dizions.co.uk/v2/dictionary/client_type