Club and Clinic Cancellations

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If a Club, Clinic or Group has been configured to record cancelations then cancellations will appear on this report. A cancellation is when a service user was added to a session as expected to come and later removed from the session.

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  • Start Date - Select the start of the reporting period.
  • End Date - Select the start of the reporting period.
  • Active or Inactive Clinics - Choose to report on Active, Inactive or all Clubs, Clinics & Groups.
  • Clinic or Club - Select all or specific Clubs, Clinics and Groups.
  • Project Associated With - Specify all projects or a single project.
  • Cancelled Appointments in Events or Audit of All Cancellations? - Cancellations will display information about the service user cancelling where as full audit includes details of service users that have filled the cancelled space.
  • Sort By Client or By Event Date? - Specify the display order of the report.

Click on the 'Display in Browser' button to run the report or 'Export to Spreadsheet'.

Cancellations Report

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Full Audit of Cancellations Report

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You can access the Blue Folder Lookup for the sections or totals by clicking the Icon bluefolder.PNG.

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