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This reports on both Courses and Qualifications that are added to records via the Blue Links at the bottom. Click here to see how to add Courses & Qualifications. The webinar below explains how to run the report. Additional information is below.

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  • Start Date - Select the earliest date to report from, courses and qualifications dated before this will be excluded.
  • End Date - Select the latest date to report to, courses and qualifications dated after this will be excluded.
  • Type? - Specify to report on all or just courses or qualifications.
  • Expiry Status - You can filter by expired or current if required.
  • Courses - If reporting on courses select the courses required, or select 'All Courses'.
  • Qualifications - If reporting on qualifications select the qualifications required, or select 'All qualifications'.
  • Order By - Select the display order of the report.

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Each section and the total will have the Icon bluefolder.PNG Icon to access the Blue Folder Lookup screen.

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