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The system allows equipment to be setup and issued to organisations and people with an expected and actual return date. The allocations report looks at the date of issue and the expected return date.

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  • Start Date - The start of the reporting period.
  • End Date - The end of the reporting period, advisable not to use a large period as each day is displayed across the screen.
  • Equipment Name or Part of Name - Filters looking at the entered name or part of.

Click 'Display in Browser' button to run the report.

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In the above example we can se that the Mobility Scooter MS1 was issued to Mr Simon Cortan on 03/09/2018 and will be out for the remainder of the report period and the Mobility Scooter MS2 was issued on the 11/09/2018 to Mr Andrew Parker, due back on the 12/08/2018.

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