Holiday Pay Calculation

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Calculating Holiday Pay

The Holiday Pay Calculation function is for organisations who use part time staff and pay their holiday to them at a rate of "1 holiday hour per x hours worked".

The details are given on screen, as follows:

This option will use the completed job cards to work out time worked and therefore holiday hours accumulated, and unavailability records to gather the holiday hour requests.

These amounts will produce a new balance of holiday pay at the specified end date which will be visible in the Support Advisor Details screen.

No account is taken for teams or projects because Unavailabilities take no account of projects.

It is possible to re-run this option to the same end date if data has not been completed for all projects or teams.

Click "Calculate", and the system will output a holiday pay calculation. At the end of the "Date To Calculate Up To", the holiday pay amounts in hours will be allocated to the worker, and visible on the Support Worker Details screen, on the Unavailabilities tab.

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Holiday Pay Report

The Holiday Pay Report will output previous Holiday Pay Calculations. See Holiday Pay

Requesting holiday pay for the worker

When an organisation is using the Holiday Pay feature, there will be a section on the Unavailabilities tab of the Roster Worker Details screen, which deals with holiday pay. Use "New Unavailability" to enter a new time period when the worker wants to request holiday.