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Actions and Contacts

Using the Action List Record a Contact

GDPR and Consent

GDPR Settings Consent Rules
Cleanse/Anonymise Records Consent Report


KPI Report Designer Blue Folder Lookup
Collaborative Reporting


Pivot Tables Advanced Reporting with Pivot Charts VLOOKUPS

Extension Databases

Extension Database Setup
Extension Database Reports

Clubs and Clinics

Clubs and Clinics Setup
Club and Clinic Monitoring Alternative Method for Group Attendance


Benefits Module

Classification Codes

Creating Classification Codes

User & Group Access

User Access Controls Group Access
Using Charitylog for HR Managing Volunteer Records

Projects & Templates

Project Set Up Referral Templates


Ladder Outcome Setup 1/3 Data Entry of Ladder Outcomes 2/3 Reporting on Ladder Outcome Data 3/3
Simple Outcomes

Customise Orgs & People

Edit Fields Edit Sections
Minimum Data Sets Rules for Anonymous Contacts
Other Record Types


Adding Relationships Managing Relationships

Standard Letter Templates

Standard Letter Templates

Courses & Qualifications

Courses & Qualifications Courses & Qualifications Report

Groups & Skills

Groups & Skills Report

Roster/Support Worker Module

Creating a Plan Confirm Work Schedules Complete Work Schedules
Job cards Payroll and Invoicing for SW Jobs

Data Migration

Data Migration