Payments Made Receipts

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Payments Made Receipts is a printout for the workers to record payments received from clients at the time of visit. This feature requires the 'Payment Method' field on the service users record. Use the report criteria options to produce the required print out.

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  • Start Date - Enter the earliest date that you wish to include.
  • End Date - Enter the latest date that you wish to include.
  • From Job Card Number - Enter the lowest job card number to include.
  • To Job Card Number - Enter the highest job card number to include.
  • Project - Select which project or projects you wish to include.
  • Roster Team - Select an individual team if required.
  • For One Client or All? - Select all clients or an individual client.
  • For One Roster Workers or All? - Select all workers or an individual worker.
  • All Receipts, Incomplete Jobs Only, Completed Jobs Only? - Select which status of Job Cards to include.
  • Select the Payment Methods Required - Select the payment methods to include.
  • Order by? - Select the list order.
  • One receipt per client if more than one worker? - If there are two workers visiting the service user you can specify if one or two print outs are created, one per worker.
  • Show blank line for "invoice number"? - Allows entry of an Invoice number from a different system.
  • Display/Print Layout Style - Specify what layout is required.

Click the 'Display in Browser button to produce the report.

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Click the print button to print the report.

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