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Location in standard build: Click "New Referral" (sometimes labelled "Record a Contact") on any Organisation/Person's Details Screen

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Clicking the "New Referral" button will take you to the Project Selection Page. This page is used to choose which Project the new Referral should be linked to.

Put a tick in the relevant box, and click "Create New Referrals".

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Which Projects are shown

Depending on which Type of Organisation/Person you are starting a Referral for, you will probably see different Projects available. Only those Projects which are available to the relevant Type (as set on the "Types of Orgs & People" tab in Project Settings) will be displayed.


Referral Templates are shown in red on this page, below each Project.

  • Ticking one of the boxes by a red heading will start a Referral which uses that Template (Templates allow you to mark stages along the way as you record Contacts)
  • Ticking one of the boxes by a black heading (the Project name) will start a Referral which does not use a Template.

There is a preference on the Project Settings tab which sets a Project to "Show Templates only" in which case there will not be a tick box next to the Project name.

Existing referrals

If the button is labelled "Record a Contact" on your system, you may see a section of the screen which displays Referrals that already exist. This is to help avoid duplication of Referrals (starting a new Referral when you should actually be adding a Contact to one that already exists). It may display above or below the Project tick boxes. In the picture below, it is displayed above them. Existing referrals appear with their "Extra Info", "Further Action" and "Update" buttons as appropriate.

You can toggle between displaying all Referrals or only referrals with outstanding Actions by using the button at the bottom of the section, and you can show only Referrals from a particular Project by using the "Show Projects:" drop-down at the top right of the section.

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