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Helping you make the most of the system

We offer reviews to make sure you’re aware of everything your system can do to save you time and effort.

A review is a session with one of our implementation consultants, to:

  • make sure you’re aware of any tools and features that might help you
  • check you’re happy with how the system is working for your organisation, and answer any questions.

Any organisation can book a review at any time, and it makes no difference whether or not you’ve had a review in the past.

We do charge for reviews – but you only pay the standard rate for our staff member’s time. Reviews can save you money in the long run: many of our users have discovered timesaving tools or features they didn’t know existed.

Reviews are completely bespoke to you and your organisation – and we won’t try to pressure you into paying for expensive add-ons.

How to arrange a review

Speak to your usual Dizions/Charitylog contact or email us at