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The dashboard displays the charts from the saved Analytics reports that have been made available to the Dashboard. This will display live results as at the time of going to the page, of which can simply be refreshed by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard. The dashboard it built by adding report panels.

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Click the 'New Report Panel' button to add a new panel.

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Specify the following:

  • Dashboard panel name - The name displayed on the report panel.
  • Display Order - The order that the panel will be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Panel Size - You can select Small (allows more than one panel per display line) or large (one panel across the display line)
  • Choose Report - Select which saved analytics report you wish to use for the displayed table/chart.
  • Number of Years/Months/Days to report on - For reports that are based of time you can specify how many units (days, months or years) to display.
  • Time Direction - For some reports they may be based on actions in the past or future, select Past or Future.
  • Display Type - You can display a table, line chart, bar chart, pie chart.

Click the 'Save Details' button to add the panel to the dashboard.

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