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How releases work

The system undergoes a major update three times per year. These are applied automatically and require no downtime.

Within each 4-month release cycle, your test system will always update on day 1 to give you time to familiarise yourself with new features before your live system updates from day 15 onwards. Other replicas (training and temp if used) can update any time from day 1. You can choose your own update date around your organisational needs by clicking your organisation name in the top left. See Your system updates for more info.

Release cycle Test systems Other replica systems Live systems Note
1 1st February (fixed) 1st February to 31st May 15th* February to 31st May
2 1st June (fixed) 1st June to 30th September 15th* June to 30th September
3 1st October (fixed) 1st October to 31st January 15th* October to 31st January * The first working day from this date

Major releases are represented with a release number, e.g. 975. Minor releases, which include bug fixes and security patches, typically occur once or twice per week, and are represented by a letter, e.g. 975g.

Below are details of each major release, and a video to explain how the changes might affect you. These changes will also be listed in the Help section of your system, under the System Updates section.

June 2024 Release

*** Watch a new video based on our recent LIVE WEBINAR here, including answers to all questions posted during the session ***

This exciting new release will contain the following:

  • Full email integration with Charitylog
  • New way to log in
  • Phone Integration
  • New KPI Report Filters
  • New Mailmerge and Consent options
  • New options for Field sets
  • New Referral Deletion Audit report
  • Improvements to History Page

February 2024 Release

This exciting new release will contain the following:

  • New User Interface
  • Referral Status
  • New options for Dashboard
  • New Search
  • New Extension Database field options
  • Improvements to Inbound Referral Manager (Web form)
  • LSOA Enhancements
  • New option on Blue Folder
  • Graphs/Charts available on other reports

October 2023 Release


  • Graphs in the KPI reports
  • Improved filter to help find the right KPI
  • Export options in the blue report folders can be saved per folder to match your reporting requirements
  • Whole Extension Databases can be made available in the API for those who report using PowerBI or similar. Combine with the filter panel on the left if you want something like "all fields except multi-row text fields".
  • Settings can be copied from one Organisation or Person type to another, e.g. if you've configured the sections and fields etc for staff, you can copy them to volunteers
  • Setting up projects made easier with all settings combined onto a single page, and facility to export a project, or individual templates, from one system to another (e.g. your test system, or another organisation you work with)
  • Expanded Organisation/Person Audit Record section now shows who's accessed each person's record in the last year
  • The Overview section has many more widgets available, giving you a rich dashboard for each client, including the latest invoices, Club&Clinic attendances etc.

June 2023 Release


  • Improvements to Action List
  • Extension Databases can be exported/imported
  • Additional 2-Factor Authentication options
  • Date Pre-sets on Reports
  • Blue Folder Enhancements
  • Batch SMS Improvements
  • Expanded options for See my own clients
  • Yellow Person look up
  • Menu improvements
  • Branch selector on reports

March 2023 Interim Release

An interim release which includes improvements to the following:

  • Uploading more than one document at a time
  • Enhancements to Extension Database fields
  • Improvements to the Blue Folder look up function.

February 2023 Release

A 2-part video of updates in the February 2023 release.

Part 1

  • Improvements to the search function
  • Referral / Case edit (allocating workers)
  • Classification codes
  • KPI Reports
  • Group Access options for Export to Spreadsheet
  • User list

Part 2:

  • Changes to allocating workers on roster module

October 2022 Release

Changes include improvements to the relationships function, membership options, password rules, email address as login.

June 2022 Release

Changes include improvements to the Action List, Terminology updates, Case Manager improvements, Project set up and KPI report enhancements.

February 2022 Release

Changes include new screen layout, a brand new overview page for your records and minor changes to the data extraction tool.

October 2021 Release

Changes include: New layout of client record, new way to add relationships, Extension Database changes, new way to record time

June 2021 Release

Changes include: Project set up meaning you can now remove the Referrer option from the Record a Contact screen. User Communication, meaning you can add options how you receive communications from us (Dizions). Pending Referrals; changes to the way you search for a client when importing web referrals.