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The system undergoes a major update three times a year, known as an update cycle. Within the cycle period (4 months) you can set your live system and training system to update any time during the cycle. You can set training system to update before your live system updates, this allows you to see new features before the main system updates. Major release are represented with a release number; example being 801. Below is details of the release cycles.

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- *The earliest date is the first working day from the start of the cycle.

In addition to the major releases you will also receive minor releases, which are updated on a weekly basis. These are represented by a release letter 801g. We will publish webinars for each major release which will contain more information about the release and how the changes might affect you. These changes will also be listed in the Help section of your system, under the System Updates tab, and then either Current or Future Updates.

June 2022 Release

Changes include improvements to the Action List, Terminology updates, Case Manager improvements, Project set up and KPI report enhancements.

February 2022 Release

Changes include new screen layout, a brand new overview page for your records and minor changes to the data extraction tool.

October 2021 Release

Changes include: New layout of client record, new way to add relationships, Extension Database changes, new way to record time

June 2021 Release

Changes include: Project set up meaning you can now remove the Referrer option from the Record a Contact screen. User Communication, meaning you can add options how you receive communications from us (Dizions). Pending Referrals; changes to the way you search for a client when importing web referrals.