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Configuration pages tell you how a specific part of Charitylog can be configured.

  • for every page in Charitylog with a clickable link ("Take me to the manual for this page"), there is a Configuration page (or a Feature page, if appropriate]]
  • the Configuration page tells you where to find the Charitylog page in the standard build (in case your system has been reconfigured)
  • the Configuration page tells you where the data input for this configuration can be found. That is, "if I alter this configuration, where will that appear to the users of the system?"
  • the Configuration page will tell you where the reporting outputs for this configuration can be found

The Configuration pages will also contain links to Overview pages which will give you general information on that area of the system as a whole, and links to Advanced pages which go into even more detail where required.

Rob Kay - manual author (talk) 13:46, 19 January 2016 (GMT)