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The Consent Rule Text Entry page lets you add Consent Rules, which can be used in two places - on Organisation/Person records or on Referrals.

The idea of Consent Rules is that they allow you to attach some form of consent either to a person or to a Referral.

  • Consent attached to a person might record their consent that their details can be shared with certain partner organisations
  • Consent attached to a referral might record the subject's consent that this case can be used as a case study for funders

Click on "Create New Consent Rule" to add one.

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You can now enter:

  • The rule itself (the text which will be shown to the user)
  • Help text (which will appear if the user clicks the green help button)
  • Consent Rule Where Used - choose Referrals, Organisations & People, or All Areas
  • Display Order
  • Whether the rule is active or not (i.e. whether or not it appears to the user)

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Click "Save Details" when done.

Where the rules appear

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